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Prowl secures your wireless network while providing you with unique, actionable business data


Secure your WiFi network

Our "codejail" is intended to add a layer of security to projects that need to run code that is not fully trusted/audited. Because the untrusted code is running inside a Docker container, an attacker who manages to exploit a vulnerability in the code must also break out of the Docker container before gaining any access to the host system.


Know who your guests are

Prowl lets you monitor who is accessing your network, so if an attack does happen, it alerts you so appropriate measures can be taken to protect the data of you and your customers.


Music discovery is in our DNA

Our technology uses your existing WLAN infrastructure to discover the music your guests and customers listen to and love, providing you with actionable decisions for your business.

A Dashboard on Any Device

Access your Prowl dashboard on any device, providing you with real-time network information at your fingertips.

True Plug and Play

Out of the box and onto your network, installing and configuring Prowl is easier than making a cup of coffee.

Peace of Mind

With Prowl, you will never have to worry about the sanctity of the data that you and your customers rely on every day.

We're ready for the future. Are you?


Devices connected to various networks by 2020


A hacker strikes a sensitive network somewhere


Hackers targeting small businesses


Global organizations that are prepared for a cyber attack

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