How can I buy a Prowlbox?

Prowl currently is only B2B, in other words, we are only business to business. We sell to businesses, as of now we are not selling to the public. If you're interested in buying one and you're a business please message our founder and we will get you one at

What are the costs?

The box itself is $100, in which you plugin to your existing WLAN infrastructure, and then after that $50/month.

What do I get for $50 bucks a month?

You get top notch WiFi security, and insights on your customers. It's where transparency meets security.


On the developer page, we have tons of documentation on how to restart a Prowlbox, but if that doesn't work - we will send one of our technicians out to your venue personally, and get to the bottom of it. No charge.

Do I really need the Prowlbox?

Vulnerabilities are found everday with firmware, and networks. For example, download wireshark find some tutorials, and look at how much information is flowing through the air, in some occasions if you're at a venue and connected to their WiFi try "" in the browser of your choosing on your phone, and you can see every person's name connected to that network (the device name) and you will even see yourself, so aspects of security, yes you definitely need a Prowlbox.